AUDIO: Ezase Thupa & Busta 929 Ft 20ty Soundz & Djy Vino – Oshuko

Ezase Thupa & Busta 929 are prominent South African artists in the Amapiano music scene. Their latest track, “Oshuko,” released on October 2, 2023, features a collaboration with 20ty Soundz and Djy Vino. This dynamic quartet brings a fusion of electronic beats and African rhythms to the forefront of the music industry.

Ezase Thupa, known for his captivating stage presence and charismatic style, has carved a niche for himself in the Amapiano genre. Together with Busta 929, a master of producing infectious beats, they have become a powerhouse in the South African music scene.

“Oshuko” is a mesmerizing Amapiano track that transports listeners to the heart of South African nightlife. With its pulsating basslines and vibrant melodies, the song captures the essence of Amapiano, a genre celebrated for its ability to make people dance and unite on the dancefloor.

20ty Soundz and Djy Vino’s contributions to the track add a layer of depth and complexity, elevating “Oshuko” to new heights. Their expertise in crafting unique soundscapes and seamless transitions shines through in this collaboration.

As a male artist, Ezase Thupa’s vocals resonate with a sense of authenticity and passion, drawing listeners into the narrative of “Oshuko.” The lyrics, delivered with emotion, convey themes of love, celebration, and the joy of life.

This South African gem, “Oshuko,” is available on all major digital platforms, allowing fans worldwide to groove to its infectious rhythm. South Africa’s rich musical heritage and innovative talent are on full display in this track, making it a must-listen for Amapiano enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

For an exclusive download of “Oshuko,” fans can visit Afrosong.Com, where they can immerse themselves in the unique soundscape created by Ezase Thupa, Busta 929, 20ty Soundz, and Djy Vino. Don’t miss out on this musical journey that encapsulates the spirit of Amapiano and South African culture.

Ezase Thupa & Busta 929 Ft 20ty Soundz & Djy Vino – Oshuko MP3 DOWNLOAD