AUDIO | Knowley-D & Busta 929 Ft. Mashudu, Nation-365 & Msamaria – Ubumnandi

Knowley-D & Busta 929 Ft. Mashudu, Nation-365 & Msamaria – Ubumnandi Mp3 DOWNLOAD

Introducing the dynamic collaboration of musical talents, Knowley-D & Busta 929, with their latest track “Ubumnandi.” This Amapiano masterpiece features a harmonious fusion of voices, including Mashudu, Nation-365, and Msamaria. Bursting onto the scene on August 15, this track promises an auditory journey like no other.

Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of South Africa, Knowley-D & Busta 929 are no strangers to the limelight. With their infectious beats and innovative soundscapes, they have secured their place as household names in the country’s music scene. “Ubumnandi” is a testament to their skillful production, delivering an unforgettable auditory experience that transcends boundaries.

This musical masterpiece finds its roots in the Amapiano genre, which has taken the global music scene by storm. Known for its rhythmic complexity and soulful melodies, Amapiano has become a signature sound that encapsulates the spirit of South African music.

Ubumnandi” is set to make waves across all digital platforms, ensuring that fans across the world can indulge in its captivating rhythm. For those seeking an exclusive experience, the track can be downloaded exclusively from, adding an extra layer of excitement for dedicated listeners.

As the release date draws near, anticipation builds for this collaboration that promises to redefine musical boundaries and provide an immersive experience for fans of Amapiano and music enthusiasts worldwide. Knowley-D & Busta 929’s “Ubumnandi” is more than just a song—it’s a cultural phenomenon that embodies the vibrant spirit of South African music.