AUDIO: Locco Musiq, Boske Tee, El Fizo – Grootman

Locco Musiq, Boske Tee, and El Fizo, three eminent artists from South Africa, have united their talents to create a musical masterpiece entitled “Grootman.” Released on October 15, 2023, this track is a testament to the vibrant and diverse music scene in South Africa.

Locco Musiq, with his soulful vocals and lyrical prowess, is a household name in the South African music industry. His ability to blend different musical genres sets him apart as a versatile artist. Boske Tee, known for his dynamic and energetic performances, brings a unique flavor to “Grootman” with his distinct style. El Fizo, a rising star with an innate musical gift, adds a fresh and contemporary touch to the track.

“Grootman” is a melodic journey that transcends boundaries, fusing various musical elements, and resonates with listeners of all ages. Its lyrics reflect the vibrant South African culture, telling stories of unity, resilience, and celebration. The track’s catchy hooks and infectious rhythm make it an instant hit.

Released on all major digital platforms, “Grootman” is easily accessible to fans worldwide, underlining the global appeal of South African music. The exclusive download option at allows fans to experience the song in a unique and intimate way.

With Locco Musiq, Boske Tee, and El Fizo joining forces, “Grootman” is not just a song; it’s a musical phenomenon that represents the rich and diverse landscape of South African music. This collaboration is a testament to the creativity and innovation of these artists, making them influential figures in the South African music scene and beyond.

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