AUDIO: Marlode & Owams – Impilo Ft. 2woBunnies, MaWhoo, Leandra.Vert, Toby Franco, Gilano & Sponge 101

Marlode & Owams – Impilo Ft. 2woBunnies, MaWhoo, Leandra.Vert, Toby Franco, Gilano & Sponge 101 MP3 DOWNLOAD 

**Marlode & Owams: Taking South Africa by Storm with “Impilo”**

*South Africa has long been a hotbed of musical talent, and at the forefront of the country’s vibrant music scene is the dynamic duo of Marlode & Owams. With their latest hit single, “Impilo,” they have solidified their status as musical powerhouses not just in their homeland but across the globe.*

**The Artists:**
Marlode & Owams, two formidable talents hailing from South Africa, have carved their names deep into the annals of Amapiano, a genre that’s been making waves internationally. Their unique blend of catchy beats, soulful melodies, and an unmistakable South African flair has won them a dedicated following. But “Impilo” is more than just a song; it’s a collaboration that unites some of South Africa’s most exceptional voices.

**The Collaborators:**
“Impilo” is a star-studded affair featuring 2woBunnies, MaWhoo, Leandra.Vert, Toby Franco, Gilano, and Sponge 101. This impressive lineup is a testament to the respect and admiration Marlode & Owams have earned in the music industry. Each artist brings their own flavor to the track, resulting in a musical tapestry that’s as diverse as it is harmonious.

“Impilo,” which means “b” in Zulu, is an anthem that celebrates the vibrancy of existence. The song’s infectious rhythm and soul-stirring lyrics make it an instant favorite for music lovers of all backgrounds. Its Amapiano roots infuse the track with an irresistible groove that compels you to move.

Scheduled for release on September 16, 2023, “Impilo” is poised to take the music world by storm. This release date is not accidental; it marks a pivotal moment in South African music history, as Marlode & Owams aim to spread the joy of their music to every corner of the globe.

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Amapiano, a genre that originated in South Africa, is known for its blend of house music, jazz, and traditional African sounds. Marlode & Owams are masters of this genre, effortlessly crafting songs that transport listeners to the heart of the South African party scene.

“Impilo” will be available on all major digital music platforms, ensuring that fans worldwide can access it with ease. However, for an exclusive experience, fans can download the track from Afrosong.Com, where they can immerse themselves fully in the world of Marlode & Owams.

In a musical landscape filled with talent, Marlode & Owams stand tall as innovators, ambassadors, and trendsetters. “Impilo” is more than a song; it’s a cultural celebration, a musical journey, and a testament to the power of collaboration. With this release, these South African sensations are set to continue their meteoric rise to international acclaim.à