AUDIO: Nobantu Vilakazi & Stixx Ft. Zwayetoven – Ntabez’kude

 Nobantu Vilakazi & Stixx Ft. Zwayetoven – Ntabez’kude

Nobantu Vilakazi, a prominent singer-songwriter hailing from South Africa, has joined creative forces with Stixx to deliver the scorching hit track “Ntabez’kude“, which boasts the captivating vocals of Zwayetoven. This collaboration showcases the musical prowess of both artists as they seamlessly blend their talents to create a genre-defying Amapiano masterpiece.

Renowned for her mesmerizing performances, Nobantu Vilakazi has solidified her reputation as a powerhouse in the South African music scene. With a richly expressive voice that effortlessly traverses musical landscapes, she consistently resonates with audiences across the nation and beyond. Stixx, a dynamic artist in his own right, brings his distinct flair to the table, ensuring that “Ntabez’kude” encapsulates a fresh and exciting sonic experience.

Released on August 15, 2023, “Ntabez’kude” embodies the very essence of Amapiano—a genre that has captivated global listeners with its infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies. This genre’s fusion of Afro-house, jazz, and deep house elements forms the perfect backdrop for the harmonious blend of Nobantu Vilakazi and Stixx’s voices, enhanced further by the magnetic presence of Zwayetoven.

As the pulsating beats of “Ntabez’kude” reverberate through speakers, listeners are transported to the heart of South Africa’s musical innovation. With its exclusive availability for download at, this track not only showcases the collaborative brilliance of Nobantu Vilakazi and Stixx but also serves as a testament to the thriving music culture that the nation continues to nurture.