AUDIO: Una Rams – SOS Ft. Mikhale Jones

Una Rams – SOS Ft. Mikhale Jones Mp3 DOWNLOAD

Una Rams is a prominent South African male hip-hop artist known for his distinctive style and musical prowess. His latest track, “SOS,” featuring the talented Mikhale Jones, is set to make waves in the music scene. Released on September 2, 2023, this hip-hop gem is exclusively available for download at, captivating listeners worldwide.

Una Rams, a true icon in the South African music industry, has consistently pushed boundaries with his genre-defying sound. His lyricism and musical innovation have earned him a dedicated following, both locally and internationally. With “SOS,” he continues to showcase his artistry, joined by the dynamic presence of Mikhale Jones.

“SOS” is a testament to Una Rams’ ability to seamlessly blend hip-hop with elements of African culture, creating a sound that resonates with diverse audiences. The track’s infectious beats and compelling lyrics make it an instant favorite, further solidifying Una Rams’ position as a musical trailblazer.

This electrifying collaboration between Una Rams and Mikhale Jones has garnered attention for its meaningful storytelling and emotive delivery. The song explores themes that are both relatable and thought-provoking, cementing its place in the hearts of fans and music enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, Una Rams“SOS” is a testament to his artistry and creative vision. With its release on September 2, 2023, on all digital platforms, this hip-hop masterpiece is poised to dominate the charts and solidify Una Rams’ status as a South African music legend. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this exceptional track, available exclusively for download at