AUDIO: Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Soft Life Ft. El Ceesow, Phemelo Saxer & Kandybeats

Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Soft Life Ft. El Ceesow, Phemelo Saxer & Kandybeats MP3 DOWNLOAD 

Renowned South African artist Woza Sabza collaborates with Mr Abie in their latest hit, “Soft Life,” featuring the exceptional talents of El Ceesow, Phemelo Saxer, and Kandybeats. This sensational track, released on August 30, 2023, is a testament to Woza Sabza’s and Mr Abie’s musical prowess.

Woza Sabza, a musical virtuoso known for his innovative beats and infectious melodies, joins forces with the versatile Mr Abie to create a captivating fusion of sounds. Their distinct styles intertwine seamlessly, painting a vivid sonic landscape that resonates with audiences far and wide.

Soft Life” is a celebration of the good life, offering listeners a glimpse into a world of luxury, comfort, and extravagance. The smooth vocals of El Ceesow infuse the song with an irresistible charm, while Phemelo Saxer’s soulful saxophone melodies add a layer of sophistication. Kandybeats, known for his rhythmic ingenuity, contributes to the track’s vibrant energy, ensuring that every beat is a step closer to the dance floor.

As a distinguished representative of South Africa’s music scene, Woza Sabza and Mr Abie continue to push creative boundaries. Their collaboration on “Soft Life” is a testament to their ability to curate an auditory experience that transcends borders and cultures. The song’s availability on all digital platforms allows fans from around the world to partake in the musical journey.

For an exclusive download of “Soft Life,” eager listeners can visit This track is not only a testament to the musical prowess of Woza Sabza, Mr Abie, and their talented collaborators but also a reminder of the universal language that music speaks, connecting people across the globe.