AUDIO: Zakes Bantwni & Kasango – Osama (Claptone Remix)

Zakes Bantwni & Kasango – Osama (Claptone Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD 

Zakes Bantwini and Kasango are two prominent South African artists who have teamed up to create the sensational track titled “Osama (Claptone Remix).” Released on September 12, 2023, this track falls under the captivating genre of Amapiano, which has been taking the music scene by storm with its infectious beats and rhythms.

Zakes Bantwini, a renowned male artist, hails from South Africa and is celebrated for his contributions to the music industry. His distinctive style and charismatic stage presence have made him a household name not only in his home country but also across international borders.

Kasango, on the other hand, is a talented artist who joins forces with Zakes Bantwini to bring a fresh perspective to the Amapiano genre. Together, they infuse their creativity and musical prowess into “Osama (Claptone Remix),” creating a track that is set to become a chart-topper.

This exclusive release is available for download on Afrosong.Com, making it easily accessible to music enthusiasts worldwide. The collaboration between these two South African artists on this Amapiano remix is a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of music and delivering captivating tunes that resonate with audiences far and wide. “Osama (Claptone Remix)” is a must-listen for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant sounds of contemporary South African music.