AUDIO: Chanell Collen – Oporto

Chanell Collen – Oporto Mp3 DOWNLOAD 

The acclaimed South African artist, Chanell Collen, renowned for his exceptional musical prowess. His latest single, “Oporto,” is a captivating blend of contemporary beats and soulful melodies that showcase his artistic ingenuity. As a male artist, Collen’s musical journey has been marked by innovation and a unique ability to connect with audiences across borders.

Released on August 30, 2023, “Oporto” is a testament to Collen’s dedication to his craft. With its universal appeal, the song has been made available on all major digital platforms, allowing listeners worldwide to experience the magic of his music. Chanell Collen’s influence extends beyond his home country, resonating with a global fanbase drawn to his distinct sound and charismatic presence.

Notably, “Oporto” is exclusively downloadable from, a platform that recognizes the significance of Collen’s contribution to the music industry. His melodious vocals and masterful composition make this track a standout in the contemporary music scene, reflecting both his South African roots and his international aspirations. Through “Oporto,” Chanell Collen continues to solidify his status as a powerhouse in the South African music landscape, captivating hearts and minds with his unparalleled artistry.