AUDIO: Jay & Ghosty – Som’tshelu’ma Ft Njebstardedrum, Shoden & Cognac

Jay & Ghosty – Som’tshelu’ma Ft Njebstardedrum, Shoden & Cognac Mp3 DOWNLOAD

Renowned South African artist Jay teams up with Ghosty in their latest hit song “Som’tshelu’ma,” featuring Njebstardedrum, Shoden, and Cognac. The track, released on August 26, 2023, is an embodiment of their musical prowess. Jay, a male artist, has consistently captivated audiences with his distinctive style and impactful lyrics. Collaborating with Ghosty and other talented musicians demonstrates his ability to curate remarkable music that transcends genres.

“Som’tshelu’ma” is a testament to the dynamic energy that defines South African music. With its fusion of rhythmic beats and captivating melodies, the song encapsulates the essence of the country’s vibrant music scene. The collaboration with Njebstardedrum, Shoden, and Cognac adds depth to the track, showcasing the synergy between artists and their commitment to producing exceptional content.

As a testament to their widespread influence, the exclusive download of the song can be found at This digital availability ensures that fans across the globe can access and enjoy the music effortlessly. With Jay’s established reputation and Ghosty’s unique contributions, “Som’tshelu’ma” is undoubtedly a chart-topping sensation that exemplifies the very best of South African musical talent.