AUDIO: Jullian Gomes & Jordan Arts – Home

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Jullian Gomes, a prominent South African artist, has deep roots in the Republic of South Africa, where he grew up immersed in the sounds of Soul, Latin, and Kwaito music. However, it was at the young age of eight that he stumbled upon his true musical calling: House Music. Since his debut performance in 2003, Jullian’s career trajectory has been consistently upward, marked by a genuine passion for production that has grown alongside his expanding skill set.

Notably, in 2010, Jullian Gomes ventured beyond the borders of his home continent to take part in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy, showcasing his exceptional talent on a global stage.

One of his latest creations, the song “Home,” features the collaboration with Jordan Arts. Set to be released on August 15, 2023, this track carries the essence of Kwaito, a genre close to Jullian’s musical roots. As a male artist, his contribution to the music scene is not only significant but also resonates deeply with his South African origins.

Jullian Gomes’ popularity within South Africa speaks volumes about his musical prowess and ability to connect with audiences. His influence extends across digital platforms, as “Home” can be enjoyed on various streaming services. Additionally, for the most dedicated fans, an exclusive download of the track is available at

In a realm where music serves as a bridge between cultures and emotions, Jullian Gomes stands out as a South African luminary who has skillfully harnessed his innate talent, journeying far beyond his roots to craft a musical legacy that resonates with listeners worldwide.