AUDIO: Kwiish SA & Dr Thulz Ft Optimist Music & Leandra Vert – Soja Lam

Kwiish SA and Dr. Thulz, along with the collaboration of Optimist Music and Leandra Vert, have joined forces to create a sensational Amapiano track titled “Sex: Soja Lam,” which is set to captivate audiences upon its release on October 2, 2023. These talented South African artists have established themselves as prominent figures in the vibrant music scene of their country.

Kwiish SA, renowned for his electrifying beats and dynamic productions, has consistently pushed the boundaries of Amapiano music, infusing it with fresh energy and innovation. Dr. Thulz, on the other hand, brings lyrical prowess and charisma to the table, making him a charismatic force in the industry.

The song “Sex: Soja Lam” promises to be a musical masterpiece, with its genre-defining Amapiano sound that seamlessly blends infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and hypnotic vocals. Optimist Music and Leandra Vert’s contributions add depth and texture to the composition, enhancing the overall sonic experience.

As South Africa’s music culture continues to thrive on the global stage, Kwiish SA, Dr. Thulz, Optimist Music, and Leandra Vert stand at the forefront of this movement, pushing boundaries and setting trends. Their exclusive download release on Afrosong.Com further cements their status as trailblazers in the music industry.

Sex: Soja Lam” promises to be a musical journey that transcends borders, uniting listeners through its irresistible groove and sonic storytelling. Stay tuned for its release and be prepared to immerse yourself in the infectious soundscape created by these exceptional artists.

Kwiish SA & Dr Thulz Ft Optimist Music & Leandra Vert – Soja Lam MP3 DOWNLOAD